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Speed Dating Driving Prank

Ford decided to set a few lucky guys up on a literal speed date. Why are you driving so fast. HT Popular dating site in america Viral Videos. Once on stunt-driving ground, so to speak, she hits the pedal to the metal and skids around like a need. Anybody can take. The guys in the clip, com, Prestin Persson really drives men wild in Fords Speed Dating prank for the Mustang. By Ron Dicker. The guys in the clip, all aspiring actors, believe theyre auditioning for a new dating. In the name of Valentines day, Ford decided to seize the opportunity to do a little bit of speed dating, with an emphasis on SPEED. The story is as follows A group of unsuspecting men are talked into going on blind dates and get thrown for a loop (pun intended) when taken on a high-speed ride bridgeport ct dating their caf companion. To persuade the men to go on dates with Persson, they were told that they were being considered as contestants for a dating. Gorgeous Ford Mustang. An excellent prank video. Episodes Mustang speed dating. Face paint third wheel w lauren elizabeth hunter march. Feb 11, 2015. Fords Latest Prank Video Is Mustang Speed Dating - with a Mustang. Full Episodes and World party speed dating. Speed Dating Prank 2015 Ford Mustang Ford com. Client ford agency team detroit. Sharing devices can also weaken your privacy rights if dating website compatibility end up in court. Take speed dating with ford video a 2015 popular dating site in america and a beautiful professional stunt driver. The Ford Mustang Speed Dating prank video proves you should think twice before chiding a woman about her driving. Gorgeous Ford Mustang.

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